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Friday, February 8, 2013

Sewing Accountability 2013

My sister and I are doing a little project this year. We have both had sewing machines and teach-yourself-to-sew books for over a year. But we haven't yet learned to sew. SO, we are holding each other to making some sort of progress every month this year. For me, this is to finish a chapter a month in my book.

To begin my work, however, I had a few things to mend before I got started. This was good, as they helped move project-unpack-and-move-into-your-new-house-finally forward. Who can get started on something new with these hanging over the head? Here was my short list:

  • sew hook & eyes back on peasant blouse (that I happen to love and haven't worn in years, due to missing hook & eyes)
  • sew buttons on smocked UGA jumper so KW can wear it (mom added darts to girl-ify it)
  • sew button back on KW's coat
  • mend pocket on Arden's sweater that KW was wearing last week
  • add final stitching to t-shirt quilt I made for B, to hold the batting in place
So, there you have it. My February project is also not from the book, but along the unpacking lines. Watch for a post...I hope it turns out well. I am actually doing something new.

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