Now We Are Four!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Not For Fun

My desire is not scare my children unnecessarily. Not to expose them to any materials that de-sensitize their little hearts earlier than I need to. I know the world will be happy to do this for me, so I have made it a point for this not to happen at home or through me, as far as it is possible.

I had a little wake up call last month at Safety Town. The City of Roswell puts it on each spring, and you really should go. There is a little town to practice pedestrian and driver safety, and the kids meet a real police officer and fire fighter, and learn tips from them. You really should go next year. It's for children ages four to six.
I have told my kids about strangers, and not to talk to strangers, and to stay with me. I have even told them that strangers may want to take them to "be part of their team," since we are The Hardman Team. But this is what the director of Safety Town had to say, "When Sarah goes to the car to look at this man's puppy, he will push her into his car, and she will never see her family again. Never play with her friends again. Never play with her toys again."

It was quiet in the room - a gymnasium full of four to six-year olds. At that moment, the light bulb went off. In this arena, it is not about sugar-coating the truth. It is about sharing the brutal truth with my kids, a truth that may save their lives.