Now We Are Four!

KW joined us on November 10, 2010. Thanks for following our journey as a family!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Who is it?

Some days - most days - parenting is the most humbling experience I've ever had. Throw in a homeschool with a spirited boy, a girl who likes to scream, and a momma in the throes of her pregnancy hormones, and it can be downright defeating.

Driving to the library on Friday, I was taken off guard by my favorite song on one of my children's CDs. I had already asked God why He had decided to let me mother another little girl. Isn't he wise?! I shouldn't be the one getting to do this. My kids had stories for their dad that night about how mom didn't show self-control, but anger instead. The words brought me to tears as I realized they are for me, not just my little ones. I cry even as I write this.

"Who died, and came alive again?
Who came to rescue you and men?
Who came to make all things brand new?
Who did it all for love of YOU?"

You, mom. On your worst day. You.

Here's to a new week. Our last full week of school before we add a new life to our family. May it be a week of singing, dancing, leaping, and running. (Well, maybe not leaping and running.)

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