Now We Are Four!

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Chester Ave. Flea Market

Well, as many of you know, I offered the desk from our office to any and all takers on the blog last month. However, there were no takers (???) - not sure why.

Anyway, the desk had to go (sorry, dad - I know it was a Christmas gift in 1999, but it had nine good years). We had planned to take it to Goodwill today, but were not able to do so. We opened an impromptu "Chester Ave. Flea Market" at 5:05 pm EST. Follow the timeline below:

5:05 pm EST - Flea Market Opens
Sign on furniture says: Free Desk; Has All Parts; Please Take

5:37 pm EST - Flea Market receives first visitor.

5:40 pm EST - Same visitor.

5:55 pm EST - Flea Market Closed.
Ah . . . .the perks of living in the City!!!
More painting pics coming soon!