Now We Are Four!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Play

We have had two whole snow days in Atlanta this year. My friends in the mid-Atlantic are ready for an end to the winter, but the snow has not yet worn out its welcome down south.

This year, the sight of the snow on the trees, the crisp feel of the air, and the blanket of quiet have made me miss the western slopes. It has been three years since I wore a pair of skis, and I miss it. Yearly trips out west are something we gave up when we decided to have kids. We will ski again - hopefully many times - but we will not be able to recapture these days.


Brian, Beth, Garrett and Lucy said...

STOP IT!!! look how cute he is in that snow suit. i don't even have gloves for garrett. he has a cold this w/e so we totally lost out on playing in the snow. looks like you guys had a blast! xoxo

Anonymous said...

this kid has so much personality! i love it! miss you guys! love, elise