Now We Are Four!

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

See More Fish

Last Friday, my dear friend and old roommate, Mary Jayne, took Lee and me to the GA Aquarium. Every time I mention something about that day, he says, "Quarum, Mary Dayne" or "Mary Dayne comin'."

Lee had a great time, though at times, pushing the stroller was the highlight for him, not the fish! He would stop the stroller in front of a tank, take a quick look, then say, "See more fish" and grab the handles to start pushing again. Even the huge tanks didn't stop him for long! This is why his ticket is still free, I suppose.

Only interested in putting his hands in the cold water - absolutely NO interest inthe sea animals he could touch!

The ride on the moving sidewalk was the main attraction in the Deep Ocean exhibit. Here, Lee takes a quick look at the sharks, then wonders whey the sidewalk stopped moving.

I thought I was being a great mom manning the entrance to this tunnel, until MJ told me there was another exit! Thank goodness we were both there, and Lee did not make a break for it!


Anonymous said...

these are great pictures, mena! i can't wait to see y'all again you! love, elise

Mary Jayne said...

What a FUN day! One of the highlights of my trip "home". Love you guys tons. Looking forward to my next visit where maybe we'll see more fish. :)

Marilee Weeks said...

Amelia, These are great pictures. The photog gene must run in the family. Those pics of Lee, and of your tummy, are precious.....Marilee