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Monday, May 16, 2011

A Modern Day Piñata Story

Last weekend, we celebrated the birthday of a little girl very near and dear to us - Piper Smith. (Or, as I lovingly call her, the Pipester.)

Although Piper was only turning one, she thoughtfully filled a piñata full of treats for the older kids at her party.

Of course, they went in for the treats immediately after one of the moms got the thing open!

This was apparently a first piñata for the guests, because we had to show them that they should fill their bags full of the raisins, fruit snacks and suckers after it all fell on the ground. When the booty bags were all full, I had to snap a picture of the leftovers.

That's right, folks - the kids filled their bags with all the raisins and fruit snacks and left the candy on the ground. They left all the candy!!!

I am happy to report that Lee made a wise choice later on and ate a cupcake, because - please - all he ever gets at home is raisins and fruit snacks! It's good to see all our training about wisdom is sinking in!

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