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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Added to the Reading List

I've been reading a book by James Dobson. The book is affirming and strengthening my resolve re: KW and the decisions we will make as she grows up. I was reminded tonight of a related article that impacted me three years ago. This is what struck me:

     Works of fiction (including film) should delight and instruct us, not cause us to get into sin. If they do, either they are not worthy of our time, or we are not thinking properly when we watch or read them...
     In The Discarded Image, C.S. Lewis pointed out three essential tests of literature: It should teach what is useful, honor what is honorable, and appreciate the delightful. If a book or film is teaching destructive philosophy, if it is honoring fornication or adultery, if it is appreciating what is reprehensible, then we can safely conclude that this is not what we should find amusing or entertaining. A film that elevates adultery and leads us to sympathize with sin cannot be good for our souls...
     On the other hand, even if a film or book is first-rate, we still have to be thinking as we read or watch it. Even the good stuff can cause us to stumble, and we need to be paying attention... Some have called the emotional, romantic film "feminine porn" - it can seduce women into approving of ungodly conduct and relations.
- "Chick Flicks", in Building Her House by N. Wilson

I added Lewis' book to my must-read list tonight. I also added three books highly recommended by Dobson: Prude by C. P. Liebau, and A Return to Modesty and Girls Gone Mild by W. Shalit. I found it interesting that only one of the three are in stock at There was a note that one of the books may not return to stock. And that is exactly Dobson's point.

We are in a war for the souls of our babies, and we will be wise to take it seriously.

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