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Friday, October 12, 2012

Math Games

Many of my math activities with Lee this year are games. I try to weave in whatever concept we are working on for the month. This week, I made a Lego board game. (I actually pinned it from somewhere, and I wanted to give credit, but I pinned it wrong, and can't for the life me find the blog.)

We first worked on board game etiquette and rules. He wanted to skip all the colored spaces where "nothing happened". He also thought we were racing to the end, so I had to explain - again and again - that we were only ending the game when someone reached the finish; it was the height of the towers that would determine the winner. Finally, Lee incorporated a policeman-taking-you-to-jail component. No worries, though - I always got to return to my space after he acted out the scene.

And the math? We counted the number of blocks in our towers and determined whose was greater than / less than the other's in order to declare our winner.

PS - I may have mentioned this before, but Lee has access to plenty of clothes - he just prefers not to wear them!

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