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Friday, October 25, 2013

Five Things I Learned on Weight Watchers

Last winter, I joined Weight Watchers for their three-month post-holiday deal. I had trouble getting the weight off after KW, and my cholesterol was going up year over year. There were five habits that became apparent to me during my journey, and I have found that whether I gain or lose since then depends largely on whether or not I am following these five "rules" I made for myself. Maybe they can help you, too!

1. Only eat fruit in the volunteer room. This likely applies to few other people, but we have a volunteer room at church. With Bagels. And cream cheese. And muffins. And M&Ms. And grapes. And coffee. And soft drinks. And juice. It is pretty obvious where this rule came from.
2. Don't eat the kids' leftovers. Somebody actually warned me about this one when Little Man was a baby. If the kids did not eat their dinner, no matter how good I thought it was, my eating it is not going to prevent it from being wasted. If the nutrients did not go in their bodies, then the purpose for which I served it is already blown. Adding those calories to my daily count is not going to help.
3. Don't take seconds. Should be obvious, but I usually want more.
4. Eat an apple while making dinner. I am usually pretty hungry by the end of the afternoon. And if rest time has not been so restful around my house, it is easy for me to pick something to munch on while I cook that completely renders my need for dinner null and void. It takes a long time to eat an apple the old fashioned way and cook at the same time. Plus, an apple a day is a good, natural way to help lower your cholesterol. Double bonus.
5. Don't eat out of obligation. I learned this ol' trick from Ernie Harris. If it is in the refrigerator, it must be eaten. I must help clean off the counter - by eating the contents off of it. Especially when it comes to desserts, I have NO obligation to finish the second half of the pie that was left at our house after a dinner party, even if it takes me four days to do it. And I really don't need to eat something I don't love, just so it doesn't get thrown away.

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