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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

C + 2

Did I just skip over Christmas?  Sorry, yes.

Our holidays are always jam packed with family gatherings, and this year was [supposed to be] no different.  We started with our own family stockings on the 23rd, Papa Bill's on the 24th, hearing Aunt Lala sing in the Christmas Eve service, Santa at Mimi's on the 25th.  So far, so good.


Mom (and therefore Dad) are up all Christmas night when Mom gets a stomach bug.  No big deal.  Bryan and Lee went to Big Papa's house on the 26th while Mom rested.  Plans are on for a trip to Memphis to see Grandfather and KK, even if we are a day late.  Back on track.


Lee's pinky finger decided to make a guest appearance in the hinge side of a closing door, and plans took a turn.  Needless to say, we are parent newbies, and we freaked out and called 911.  (Although, it was luxurious to be able to rinse off and "finish" my shower and throw on clothes before the firemen arrived.)  After a day at the hospital, we came back with eight stitches and a tired little boy.

Getting prepped for "surgery"

Funny moment: If the nurse left the vital signs monitor on Lee's pillow, the lights would calm him down as he watched the numbers change

Waiting to eat a popsicle so we can go home

So, here we are, and even though our holiday plans have been derailed, and we are sad and a little lonely, we are thankful for the great experience we had with every person who served us during this experience, family that has stepped in to bring us (comfort) food, and a healthy little boy.  Who needs the tip of a finger, especially the pinky finger?

And - not to confuse anyone - he did get to keep the tip of his finger, and it is healing quite nicely.  Not sure he will get his fingernail back yet, but only time will tell on that!

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