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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Lee was sick this week, I guess with a "fever virus".  No real symptoms, other than fever (duh) and wanting to be held and / or entertained all of his waking hours.  I found out that have definitely lost some of the strength in my left bicep as he has been walking around more!!  I could tell he was starting to feel better when I got some chores done on Friday and he played by himself (albeit discovering new no-nos!).

In the midst of this Bryan was out of town on Thursday night, so I was on my own during the "rough hour".  This is when I have given Lee a new dose of Motrin, but it hasn't kicked in, and the fever is just raging.  All he wants is to be held and rocked and I think he would be more than willing to sleep there all night.

Secretly, I cherish this time.  He is so big - 33.75 inches tall, to be exact! - that it is just not comfortable to sit in my lap anymore, or to lay on my shoulder.  It is only when he is sick that he wants to cuddle like that, and I can't help but to remember back when he was an infant... I was so worried about whether or not he would ever go to sleep on his own, because we always rocked him to sleep.  I'm not saying I think rocking your child to sleep is a good idea, but I am saying I miss those times!  It is such a short time I had with my baby, and - as much as I hate for him to feel so rotten - I love getting the chance to hold him and remember.

Even in the midst of feeling so bad, I was able to grab these cute shots after dropping Bryan off at the car rental place Thursday morning.  (I decided not to write a venting post, but thumbs down to Enterprise, and Kroger does not carry Infants' Motrin!   I won't ever forget that again!)

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l and h said...

Harrison was really sick two weeks ago, and all he wanted was for me to hold him. He hasn't been so cudly in years. I think that is the Lord's way of helping moms get through the weariness that comes with taking care of sick kids- at least we get some sweet love out of it! Now Harrison feels better, and he only wants to snuggle for 30 seconds...