Now We Are Four!

KW joined us on November 10, 2010. Thanks for following our journey as a family!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I Really Did Try

I promise you, I tried to get Lee to perform - I began taping multiple times, and when I would say, "Lee, where is your nose?" he would yell, "No!" and start to whine. So, I cannot delay any longer, but I really do apologize, because it is so darn cute to hear him respond when I ask him, "Lee, what is in Mommy's tummy?"



Allison said...

I am so excited for y'all!!

When are you due???

Peter & I found out last week that we are expecting a boy; my due date is Oct. 14th.


Marlene said...

This is such great news. Congrats!!

Brian, Beth, Garrett and Lucy said...

holy cow! congrats, momma!!! what is your exact due date? so how many weeks are you? so, so, SOOOO happy for you, girlie. STILL need to get know, b/f we're too huge to move (of course, i feel HUGE already!). XO