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Friday, June 18, 2010

Baby Train

Last weekend, we went to the Nordan Family Reunion 2010. Everyone was in town for Ashley's wedding from Texas to NC, and it was a great time. I always have such fun around this family. I also got introduced to the "baby train" for the first time. Apparently, this was an oft-taken picture during Bryan's childhood where all the second cousins would sit in age order in each others laps. Watch out, Memphis cousins - I see a baby train in our kids futures!

The new generation - THIRD cousins!

The original baby train!

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Mary Jayne said...

I love the "trains" and might have to implement in the Cassidy family. Luckily, my family is usually willing to entertain me by doing whatever I ask ... hence why we have a family picture on the beach with all of us wearing colorful yak wool hats from Nepal. :)