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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ice Cones!

Earlier this summer, I was lamenting the lack of a good sno cone in Atlanta to Bryan's cousin, when she said, "Why, there is a great place right up at Ponce and Briarcliff." We were there the very next Sunday, and - WOW - it was better than Jerry's! New Orleans style sno cones rock the (Hardman) house. They are made with incredibly finely saved ice. I mean, NO ice falls off your cone when you put your spoon in - it cuts like butter! It holds the flavoring in every bite, and doesn't turn into plain ice at the top with a syrupy drink at the bottom. There is also a gummy bear in each one, and Lee wants all three of them. And they are cheap, cheap, cheap. I just can't sing the praises enough!

Interesting location - it is a trailer in the Exxon parking lot - but there is always a line. As soon as we pulled in two weeks ago, Lee yelled out, "Ice cones!" Oh, yeah.

Lee loves being free to move about the car more than the sno cone itself... but, hey, that means more for Mom and Dad!

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