Now We Are Four!

KW joined us on November 10, 2010. Thanks for following our journey as a family!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Love at First Sight

I tend to plan events, play them out in my head, and then get disappointed when people do not react the way I want them to. So, when I knew Lee was on his way to the hospital, I began to prepare myself that he may ignore the baby, throw a tantrum, or any other number of reactions to his new little sister. In fact, when told the night before that Katie Wilkes would be here in the morning, his response was, "No, I want Mickey Mouse!"

So I was more than pleased when he ran into the hospital room and immediately climbed up onto the bed and started kissing his little sister. Although he was a little like a bull in a china shop, he is doing very well learning to be gentle with her head and to not kiss her on the mouth (he did manage to plant one right on her when she was in his lap!).

He also couldn't wait to hold her in the hospital... nowadays, he is done with that after about a minute, or thirty seconds, or ten. His new desire is to pick her up... oh, no...

He also loves to talk about her face, her hands, feet, noises, etc.

Sure, we have had some meltdowns along the way in the two weeks since she arrived, but he seems to like her - for the most part!

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l and h said...

i LOVE the way he says her name. I mean, melting my heart. I'm so excited for y'all.