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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Today, we are sorting through all the old "family history" items before we move what is to be kept to the attic - notes, diplomas, cards, trophies, and the like. So many memories of so many people... I hope I remember to send everyone a little fb message tonight. Obviously, there are emotions of sadness, fondness, and even conviction.

What has been impressed on my heart the most is the value if a handwritten note or letter - I rarely can throw them away. The memories evoked when opening the envelope or looking at the attached photo are as strong for me as hearing a song. The flood washes over me and for a moment, I return to 11th grade, or freshman year of college, or the courtship period with B. I fear that, as a society, we are losing this art as technology takes over. I am more convinced than ever that I need to step up my own game in this area, then pass it onto my kids.

My father is an excellent letter-writer. I have so many notes, poems, agendas, letters. He now writes to Lee, and I have told him how much his letters mean to me. When I was nine, he cut out a yellow sheet of copy paper at his office and penned this for me on Valentine's Day:

Your locks of gold, windblown free when you play,
Then stylishly arranged, set and combed
For those special days.
At school, at home you're the life of the party,
Being sweet, loving, kind, makes you everyone's friend.
You make your mom and dad happy... that's right,
Have a full day, read til 8, turn out the light.
Be my sweet-pea Valentine, princess,
And I'll check on you every night.
Love, Dad

Dads, don't forget to write to your princes and princesses what you feel, all the time. No matter how much my dad worked, or how many times we played croquet in the front yard, this I will always have to hold, read, and remember him!

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