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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pronto Pups and Sno Cones

Mmmmmmmm. Mmmm-hmmm. Anybody ever had one of these little tasties?

If you just said to yourself, "Of course, I have eaten many corn dogs," you are W.R.O.N.G. These, dear readers, are pronto pups, and to quote wikipedia, "Pronto Pups are made with a pancake batter based mix and should not be confused with the corn dog, which is made with corn flour." These delectable treats run in my blood, and I hope you have been able to eat them at every fair in Memphis that you have ever attended.

This has been a pregnancy of cravings unlike anything I experienced with Lee. My daddy was kind enough to make pronto pups when we were in Memphis earlier this month, and I hope he is going to make them again when he visits in September. Maybe I will have my first pronto pup party, because you just can't get anything like this in the ATL.

Sno cones are another thing I wish I could eat daily. I would be willing to add this item to our budget for the duration of this oppressively long, hot summer (has it ever been this hot in Atlanta before?!). A friend in Memphis is always Facebooking about Jerry's Sno Cones and Car Wash, so by the time we arrived, there was nowhere else I wanted to be. We had to do some serious rearranging to make it happen, but I had to go.

You can see where the car wash used to be, BITD. The Wedding Cake Supreme has soft serve ice cream layered with yummy sno cone flavor, plus Eagle brand drizzled over the top. But I chose to stick to old fashioned sno cream, so I could compare this flavored ice with the Sno Cream Castle of my youth (though I did go supreme with the soft serve). Mmmm, mmmm, good!

As a side benefit, Lee got to meet one of my best friend's kids for the first time ever. His two memories of the day are (in order):
"I'm sorry, Elizabeth." (after a hitting incident)
"Elizabeth, Stop It!" (Elizabeth told him to stop it)

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Anonymous said...

you just now discovered jerry's!? i can't believe we've never taken you there before! my high school friends and i are OBSESSED with jerry's! sno cream or oreo storm for life.