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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sophie la girafe

Does anyone have this cute little teether as a beloved member of your family?

The giraffe has long been the favorite jungle animal of Lee. It must have started last Thanksgiving when we first learned what the giraffe says:

(In our house, the giraffe does not say anything; it peeks over the top of the wall at the zoo and looks from side to side while it chews on yummy leaves.)

Giraffes in puzzles are big hits. Looking at pictures of giraffes on the "poo-ter" (translate: computer) is even better. But nothing could compare to the day when Lee met Sophie la girafe. Ever since that day, all giraffes are called "sophies".

The love of Sophie inspired Lee's birthday party theme,

a birthday cake,

and Lee's very own Sophie!

Now, how many other kids do you know who receive a teether for their 2nd birthday?

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l and h said...

did you make that awesome cake?? MG loves her Sophie so much.