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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Stole Some Ideas

In an effort actually implement what I find on Pinterest and around the blogosphere, I tried some new things for Lee this birthday. The first was to distribute several small gifts throughout the house with a birthday string. This fit in perfectly with the Spiderman theme we had going, and we told him it was a Spidey web spun throughout the house.
I didn't do a very good job if imparting my vision to Bryan for the "web of gifts" so I won't say it was the most fun to implement the first time around. But Lee has already found a couple of items before he made his way into our room, and it got his day off to a great start. Plus, I love the idea of the kids doing this for each other as they get older. Then we won't have to create the vision at all!

I also finally got around to making Lee a set of magnetic robots. After months of having tin cans, lids, and random Home Depot purchases lying around the house, I finally glued magnets on everything and got them into one neat box. Thanks, B for your patience on this one!
One boy, happy with the way his birthday is going!

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