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Monday, July 22, 2013

Icky, Yucky, and About Time

When we looked at our house, we knew we were going to remove the shower doors in our bathroom. I had read about it and knew it was not difficult. But time passes, and the yard turned out to demand a lot of attention. And the shower door stayed and remained gross and yucky.

Things changed when we got rained out for the Fourth of July. Since we were stuck inside, and had no plans (my fault), we decided to tackle it. We made a list, and I set off to The Home Depot, where I joined  everyone else in East Cobb. (Apparently, the Fourth is a big day or More Saving, More Doing.) B was left at home to read the latest shower door removal post I had seen, so we would both know what we were doing.

We knew the grossest part would be the gunk that had grown / collected under the door, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. A little scraping and scrubbing got it right off. Oh, and bleaching.
 Here is my horrible after shot, because it is not really apples-to-apples, as I had not bought a shower curtain yet. But so much better, right?

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