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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Everybody's First Splinter

That's about as much of a smile as we could get out of this little guy after the operation - and I do mean operation. And, yes, he looks completely worn out from the crying and drooling. Poor little guy.

I had put off this day as long as I possibly could. Let those suckers work their own way out, I say. Just check every day and make sure they are not getting red.

But when he showed me this one, my mommy conscience just would not let me leave it inside his body. I wish I had thought to take a "before" pic. Truly huge and gross.

To make matters worse, the tip broke off the first time I unearthed it, so we had to wait until after bath time and start again. With a very unwilling participant. He was very brave and held fairly still, but it broke my heart to hear him keep crying and saying, "I don't want to, Mommy. Please don't do it!"

But Bryan held him still, and I just keep sticking the needle in further and further to pull out the wood. We were trying to pump him up as it got close to sticking out - we were so excited, because we knew it was almost out! Needless to say, we could NOT get him on board with the excitement, so we just finished the job.

A little ointment, a band-aid, a few hugs and kisses, and the healing could begin.

We have told him many times not to play with the mulch at the park, but I think he is going to remember a little better next time.

An incredible glimpse into my Father's heart - why He tells me to avoid something, what He must be thinking when he sees the result of my deciding not to avoid it, how He holds me even as He is digging out the wood, how it hurts to hear my protesting cries, the excitement He feels as He gets close to uprooting my sin, and - finally - the hugs and kisses as He sends me on my way to healing.

Now, for the next lesson...

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