Now We Are Four!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I do the things the conventional way. Call me the oldest child, type A, rule follower - whatever you wish. You may also want to throw in "doesn't think outside the box". Add a love for neatness, and you have me down. I do like to try out every which intended way a thing can work, though. I remember when I was a kid wanting to follow every path as far as it would lead (but no further), and I was bummed about backtracking when a path ended. I still only really like to hike loops trails or from point A to point B with a pick-up car.

I am hoping not to impose this way of experiencing life on my kids, and last week at the park, I really had to bite my tongue when Lee decided to climb up the spiral steps, and slide out of the playset on his belly. This included a set of stairs, a bridge, another set of stairs, and a little throwing of mulch into the air at the end.

Make your own rules, son.

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